About Us

BIOSWISS gives you the LARGEST variety of water bottles you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising premium Swiss quality. All products are Swiss-made to ensure you only get the BEST! It is our mission to give you 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

Why buy from BIOSWISS?

1. Premium Authentic Swiss-Made Water Bottles - BPA-free & over 99% ALUMINIUM purity.......only the best!!

2. Quality Bottles to suit every customer and any occasion - kids to athletes & gifts to corporate accessories.

3. Simple and Easy online store.

Sigg Products

SIGG Switzerland is a world renowned for over 100 years. It is a proven example of Swiss quality and craftsmanship, combined into one strength, one power. SIGG is the worlds best aluminium drink bottle brand, led only by its innovative designs, outstanding quality, and eco-friendliness. All SIGG bottles are 100% recyclable to ensure the carbon footprint is minimised. 

All SIGG bottles are manufactured in Switzerland. The Swiss-made premium products are crafted with extreme care and attention to detail as well as with due consideration of ecologically high standards. Its bottles were first praised predominantly by hikers and mountain climbers for their high quality and functionality. Today SIGG is a fashionable lifestyle accessory for everyday use. Stars and celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Cameron Diaz and Zac Efron are leading the way.