Frequently ask Questions

Can dents in the bottle damage the inner coating?

No, the inner coating is highly elastic. Dents cannot crack the coating and the SIGG bottle remains perfectly usable.

Can I use my SIGG bottle for fizzy drinks, too?

Yes, of course. All SIGG bottle tops provide a 100% seal and cannot leak. Tip: fill the bottle no further than 2–3 cm below the lip. And before taking a drink, relieve the pressure inside the bottle by gently rotating the entire top.

I have noticed that my bottle’s inner coating has darkened, and there are dark spots on the base. What can I do about this?

These discolorations are caused by sugar deposits. Tip: thoroughly rinse out the bottle with hot water. To deal with heavier soiling, try a SIGG cleaning brush or SIGG Bottle Clean cleaning tablets.

I dropped my bottle and the bottle top broke off. How can that happen?

The bottle top has been tested and meets a very high standard of mechanical durability. Yet the stress of a full bottle landing at an unfortunate angle may be sufficient to break the plastic. Regrettably, there is not much to be done about this. But you can buy a spare part replacement for any SIGG bottle top.

My seal leaks. Why?

All SIGG seals are guaranteed watertight. But even so, they can become worn through intensive use.

Tip: do not put seals in the dishwasher. To clean them, remove and rinse with hot water, then simply leave to dry naturally. By the way, it often helps to replace the bottle seal, which is available as a spare part from your dealer.

The paint is flaking off the outside of my bottle. Why?

Regular quality control ensures a very tough outer coating. However, severe scratches and dents may cause it to crack. If moisture then penetrates between the coating and the bottle wall, the paint may start to flake. This does not in any way affect the bottle’s functionality.

Can SIGG bottles be used for boiling water?

No. Strong heat can damage the outer coating. Can I fill SIGG bottles with apple juice? Yes. The inner coating has been tested with various drinks, apple juice in particular. The SIGG bottle passes this test with flying colours. Tip: drink apple juice within 12 hours of filling the bottle. Warmth and oxygen may initiate a fermentation process, which by the way is natural and can take place in any bottle, regardless of material.

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